Studio Access

“I love helping other ceramic artists perfect their craft. Ceramics has such a wide range of possibilites and takes patience and tenacity. Together we are creating beauty that enhances the lives of others, in turn enhancing our own lives by using our inner talents of creative expression.”





New Student Artists: You must take 1-2 months of instruction before Studio Access. Some exceptions may be made based on skill level and understanding of ceramic studio operations.

Qualifying Artists: You may use Studio Access during scheduled times.

Studio Access will be monitored by a Kiln Room instructor who is there to support students and make sure things go in the right place (Ex: getting clay and explaining studio processes like shelving, firing & glazing).

Artists must supply their own tools, brushes, specialty glazes (pint jars acceptable). Members have access to studio glazes and underglazes that are in the studio.

Parking: Free of charge, and available by the loading dock or in the parking lot of 2050 S High Street. For printable directions, click here. The gate into the loading dock will be open weekdays, members using the studio weekends and evenings will have a gate code provided.


Monthly Access 

Drop and Fire for Members – Tiers are including bisque and glaze firing–you will weigh each piece only once for the initial bisque firing.

Student Tier- 0 – 10 pounds: $50 ($5+ per lb)

Tier 1-  11 – 25 pounds: $75 ($3+ per lb)

Tier 2-  26 – 50 pounds: $100 ($2+ per lb)

Tier 3-  51 – 100 pounds: $175 ($1.75+ per lb)

Tier 4-  100 – 150 pounds: $300 ($1.50+ per lb)

Tier 5-  150+ pounds: $425 (the sky’s the limit)

Firing will also be available per pound per piece to non-members if you do not want to commit to a membership tier:

          $2 / lb for bisque

          $4 / lb for cone 6

          $6 / lb for cone 10

Studio Access 

Studio sessions are 3 hours in length and scheduled online by members.

Member Drop-in Sessions – $15 each session

Member Package of 4 Sessions – $50 – $12.50 per session

Nonmember Drop-in Sessions – $25

Nonmember Package of 4 Sessions – $100 – $25 per session

Usually, sessions are scheduled one time per week, but may be multiple visits in one week. Artists will schedule visits and pay for access at the beginning of the month. Access will be billed monthly and can be stopped at any time.

Missed sessions can be made up within 90 days of a missed studio session. Although Kiln Room Studio Membership must be active to use makeups, makeup sessions cannot replace monthly membership payments.

$100 – 8 sessions per month 

$150 – 12 sessions per month

$200 – 16 sessions per month

$250 – Unlimited sessions per month 

Unlimited monthly access with Personal Studio Space is available – Price based on sq. ft. of personal space.


Studio Sessions include use of studio glazes and underglazes for a $15 monthly lab fee.

We have multiple options of clay for purchase (stoneware, porcelain, etc.). Clay is purchased per pound as needed. 

Recycled studio clay is available in various clay bodies. 

Clay from Columbus Clay Company, Standard Ceramic, Laguna Clay, and others are available for purchase as well. 

Make an appointment to set up your studio access:

Contact The Kiln Room


Unlimited drop-in access, ability to work for Kiln Room production, discounted firing, and materials. Qualified ceramic artists may apply for a limited number of work/trade positions.

Contact Eric Rausch for more information.